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The independent platform from Mariam Foundation for all the news and updates about battling cancer. Follow us on all social media platforms to get the latest updates about Mariam Foundation’s work in battling cancer.

Episode 1 - Rimon Manassa

Joining us for the first episode of Mariam TV – Our ambassador and dear friends Dr. Rimon Manassa, discussing the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Also, we were joined by our friends and ambassadors from Gaza Strip and West Bank via Skype to talk about the importance of medical check ups during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Episode 2 - Fr. Hanna Kildani

In this episode, we were joined and blessed by the presence of the Latin Patriarchal Vicar in Nazareth and the Galilee Fr. Hanna Kildani, who spoke about the importance of the spiritual side of supporting cancer patients, and human beings in general. Fr. Kildani, ambassador  and supporter of Mariam Foundation, sent a  sent a warm message of support to our heroes in hospitals who battle cancer every day.

Episode 3 - MK Eman Khatib

MK Eman Khatib, current Kenesset member, long time supporter of Mariam Foundation and a breast cancer survivor, joins us in this episode to talk about her journey with cancer, the difficult times, the obstacles, and of course, beating cancer. Khatib addresses how the Arab Women in particular used to deal with cancer and what should they be more aware off about cancer.

Episode 4 - Dr. Elias Ishaq

With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Ishaq, Mariam Foundation’s friend and ambassador shares his views on colon cancer. Dr. Ishaq discusses the latest updates in field, sharing very important information about diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer.  

Episode 5 - Dr. Amer Geriasy

The subject of “Mental Immunity” is being more relevant and important than ever before, especially during the Coronavirus crisis. Dr. Amer Geriasy, mental health expert, joins us in this episode to explain the importance of mental immunity, which relates to how we, human beings treat crises and hard times, and how to use this method in order to pass hard times and take care of our mental health. 

Episode 6 - Shaden Ya`acoub - Abboud

In order to ensure proper upbringing of a child, we must pay attention to how we treat him. Mrs. Abboud joins us to share her experience as a child mental health expert on how to make sure we understand the child and his world, with all its sides and aspects.

Episode 7 - Eve & Elian Khoury, Chef Futna Jaber

Is this episode, we are joined by our friends and ambassadors the nutritionists Eve and Elian Khoury, to share important health tips about the food we should eat, and what food consumption we should minimize, for a proper diet is the base of a healty body and lifestyle. Also, we are joined via Skype by our friend and ambassador the chef Futna Jaber, who shows the audience how to easily prepare a delicious salad in matter of minutes!