Mariam Joy
Mariam Joy offers daily companions for child cancer patients in hospitals. The companions are university students who receive a scholarship for their activity…
Mariam Fund
Financial support aiming to assist buying special treatments or medications for cancer patients by cooperating with hospitals and healthcare service…
Mariam Doctors
Mariam Doctors is one of the foundation’s most important projects. The aim of this project is to offer awareness lectures to the public presented by the best Arab doctors on a monthly or weekly basis…
Mariam Support

Emotional Support for Cancer Patients

Pink October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Life Festival

Honorary Festival for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Mariam Superhero

Fun Day for Cancer Patients in Oncology Departments

We Love Life

Cancer Patients Support Groups

Mariam Library

Literary Publications by Mariam Foundation

Mariam Flights

Fun Flights for Cacner Patients

Mariam Day

Awareness lectures and Activities Day in Schools

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