Al Hayat Festival 2017


Mariam Revolution, Al Hayat Festival and 5 years anniversary.

Mariam Foundation proves again that there is life and trimupth with cancer.

Mariam Foundation held the Al Hayat Festival at 28/07/2017 in Mary's Well Square in Nazareth in cooperation with Nazareth's Municipality.

Hosted by the talented Ruba Warar, a friend and managment member of the foundation, the event included words from Mohammad Hamed, CEO and founder, the Mayor of Nazareth Mr. Ali Sallam, Dr. Rimon Manassa, PR Department of the US Embassy, Kinesset Member and head of the Joint List Ayman Odeh.

Many poeple attended the festival from different places  in the country. The festival was supported by healthcare services and hospitals. The festival opnened with an artistic dance act performed by Mariam member and Doctor Rand Abboud, and a beautiful musical act by the talented Nour Darawshi.

The festival was concluded by a special act where cancer patients got up on the stage and shared their experience with cancer and patients who won the battle against cancer. The aim was sending a message of hope and strength to other patients and everybody that there is life with and after cancer.