Musa`ab, the hero from Gaza will soon triumph

Two days left for the most substantial part of Musa`ab’s journey battling cancer, the bone marrow transplant phase, which lasts for more than a month and half, staying in a solitary room.

Today, in our trip to Acre, we spoke about many things: about Gaza, school, friends, big issues and more small ones too. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked Musa`ab. “A doctor” he replied. “What kind of a doctor you want to be?” I continued my question, and without hesitation he replied: “A doctor who fights cancer, so I can help cancer patients in Gaza and I’ll be able to visit you here”

So, after this conversation, I realized that borders are solely manmade, a result of war and human greed. But at the same time, with all the barriers and obstacles, comes a greater cause, Mariam Foundation’s cause, to remind us that we are one no matter who we are or what background we come from, we are all human beings, alas, many people have lost this virtue, the virtue of humanity.

After he returns victorious to Gaza, Musa`ab will fight another type of cancer, the cancer of politics. However, for a hero like Musa`ab, this fight will be a piece of cake, and he will be great doctor which we, at Mariam Foundation, will be very proud of.