The Castle of Daher Omar Al Zaidani in Pink


" no wonder that the light of the first and largest awareness initiative would shine from the Castle of Al Daher Al Zaidani, signaling an eternal cooperation between “Mary of Nazareth” and “Bride of the Galilee ", with these words, media personality Ruba Warwar opened the ceremony of illuminating the ancient Daher Omar Al Zaidani castle in pink, sending a message of awareness and life in the worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This awareness celebration is held by the Mariam Foundation for combating cancer in the Arab community, and in cooperation with the Municipality of Shefamr and its youth unit.


The evening commenced with Mr Muhammad Hamed, director of the Mariam Foundation, who  expressed his utter happiness for bringing the “Life Project” to the city of Shefamr , considering it the first step towards nationwide action for the foundation. Moreover, the mayor of the city, Mr Amin Anabtawi, welcomed the audience and visitors from Shefamr and its surroundings and praised the contributions and role of Mariam Foundation in combating cancer. Saber Youssofen, head of the youth unit in the municipality, confirmed that cooperation between the foundation and the municipality would continue. Mariam foundation ambassador, surgeon specialist Dr Rimon Manassa, head of the Breast Health Center in the Sacred Family Hospital, affirmed the possibilities of curing cancer and that early detection is the main key in saving lives.

Artist Mariam Touqan bestowed on the ceremony further splendor by performing chants of Fayrouz, and the evening ended with the countdown and the illumination of the castle in pink.

Pink illumination ceremonies are worldwide known approach in order to raise awareness for breast cancer. This iconic ceremony urges people to undergo early detection checkups, for they can save lives.