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Mariam Foundation is the first Arab foundation in the country battling cancer. The foundation seeks to be the address for every individual  fighting cancer. This vision is the basic principle on which the foundation came to be, and is the center of its initiatives and projects, which include: Raising awareness about cancer, stressing the importance of early detection, breaking preconceptions about cancer showing that there is life with and after cancer,  financially assist patients, supporting them and their families emotionally , collaborating with healthcare services and different foundations, and stressing the importance of  helping the other and supporting people in need among the young generation.


Notable projects:

Mariam Doctors: The project is a series of monthly awareness lectures presented by the best specialized Arab doctors in different clubs, foundations and schools. The lectures deal with important issues regarding cancer and cancer prevention.


Mariam Doctors Juniors: Cancer awareness lectures given by junior doctors or medical students to school students. The junior doctors recieve professional training and supervision by the specialized Mariam Doctors member.


Pink Illumination - Pink October: Lighting notable religious, historical, and archeological places in pink color during October, the worldwide breast cancer awareness month to remind women that early detection of the disease can save lives.


Mariam Joy: Daily support for children with cancer in hospitals by university students, who receive a scholarship for doing so from the foundation, as well as constant professional training to further inform them and enrich their personal knowledge, which helps them being the suitable companions needed by the children in hospitals.

Mariam Support: Daily support for adult cancer patients by social workers, offering help for both the patient and his family by conducting home visits, in which the patient receives information about his rights as a patients and have emotional support. After home visits, there is an opportunity to join support groups that consist of people who fought and won or who are still fighting cancer. The goal of such groups is sharing and exchanging experiences, helping the members facing the disease in their daily lives. 


The Life Festival: An annual festival held in order to honor people who are fighting cancer or fought and won the battle against cancer. The festival is attended by a wide audience in order to raise awareness for cancer and to diminish the fear of the disease.


Mariam Fund: Financial assistance for medications or special treatments for cancer patients, which are done through coordinated steps with hospitals and health services. The program includes financially assisting hospitals in buying medical equipment specialized for cancer, and includes the possibility of buying gifts for children patients and making their dreams come true.


Mariam Phone: Over the phone assistance for patients and their families in order to ease the process of getting medications or special health services, and monitoring groups of people which fall into the high risk of getting cancer.

Mariam Blood Bank: Gathering blood types of people in an easy to access database to facilitate blood donation.


Mariam Club: The Mariam Family of volunteers. Composed of hundreds of annual volunteers who receive the needed training and attend monthly meetings.


Soon: Funding medical research. Mariam Research.


Mariam Foundation continues its way in awareness projects, believing and investing in human beings. To continue our journey, we need your support. Together we are stronger, together we can fight cancer and lead the revolution of life.


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Mariam Card is your way to join the Mariam family, as well as the best path to offer financial assistance to the foundation to continue its journey. It is done by a fixed payment from your bank account. By signing into this program, you become a “Friend of Mariam”, receiving updates about the foundation’s activities across the year, as well as financial reports, awareness tips, and personal invitations to the foundation’s future programs.

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